For thousand of years, the mankind has accumulated pool of experience in using different manual techniques and methods of influence on problem zones and shaping the contours of the body.

Due to the techniques of mechanic and reflex action on tissues and organs, massage helps: to relax, to release stress, to remove muscle spasms, to improve lymph circulation, to facilitate detoxificate organism, to normalize weight, to relief hyperemia of stasis and edama, to facilitate the improvement of overall body state.

Today, in view of the age-old knowledge and modern trends in the development of SPA, we have chosen the most popular and highly effective types of massage for you:

  • anti-cellulite massage with body shaping
  • anti-cellulite massage with correction and LIPOGEN AC-90;
  • total therapeutic massage;
  • total therapeutic massage for men;
  • lymphatic drainage massage;
  • relax massage + facial massage;
  • back massage;
  • legs massage.

Salt, mud and herbal peels softly and gently exfoliate the skin, preparing it for further treatments.

A wide choice of manual methods combined with a wide variety of wraps and warming in “Trautwein” dry hydromassage pool give a stable prolonged result during the formation of body contours, improvement the skin quality, elimination of sluggishness as well as for intensive lifting.

Our specialists – the professionals in their field and experts in the art of massage technologies will do all their best to make you feel a surge of strength, energy, sprightliness and feel-good!

Choose your massage and enjoy!

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