Every day we select only one suggestion out of 1000, but the best one in order to realize your expectations. Our hair-stylists continuously improve their professionalism to make your image one-of-a-kind!

A wide range of services delivered by our Beauty Studio meet the highest standards and requirements of sophisticated guests and clients.

We suggest the following types of dyeing:

  • hair coloring;
  • root coloring;
  • Ombre coloring.

We selected only the best, safe, rich, long lasting hair color cream by the best producers: Keune Haircosmetics, Schwarzkopf Professional, Londa Professional

Chemical Biocurling Paul Mirchell

This is an innovative, very delicate tool for creating luxurious curls. Its peculiarity is that it does not spoil the hair during the treatment, but inversely reconstructs them!

Paul Mitchell’s bio-curling is unique in that it can be done on any hair and, most importantly, you can dye your hair immediately after the treatment!

Keratin hair extension

Capsule hair extension is a technology gained acceptance throughout the world in recent years. Its popularity is explained by the strength and durability of wearing of extended strands, the ease and safety of their fastening and removal. This modern technology will make it possible to you to become the owner of thick curls of any desired length literally in a matter of hours.

Types of haircuts:

  • haircut with hot scissors;
  • men haircut;
  • kids haircut.

Traditional and creative haircuts will create your new image and style. Our hair-stylists so masterly, quickly and beautifully that immediately stand out in any competition.

Hair setting

  • complex setting;
  • wrapping on hair curlers.

After the treatments in the division of Cosmetology, after massage and body shaping, after sauna and hamam our hair-stylists will set your hair with a long-lasting effect, which will please you with its natural beauty, lightness and freshness.

Hairstyles of varying levels of complexity:

  • evening hairstyles;
  • bridal hairstyles.

Evening and bridal hairstyles for our hair stylists are carte-de-visite, and for you – a part of your feast. If you are going to a solemn event, then be sure to sign up in advance – a good hairstyle requires a carefully individual approach and, of course, enough time to make it perfect.

Special treatments for hair

Keratin care and Hair Botox regenerate the natural structure of curls, improve their appearance, make your hair thick, relieves you from hair tangle and split hair. After the treatment your hair look shiny, healthy, and your strands flow beautifully.

Hair care products by Biologique Recherche

Biologique Recherche developed a special variety of product for hair care, which regenerated the scalp and make your hair strong, healthy and shiny.

  • Sebo-Regulating Treatment for scalp
  • Oily Dandruff  Rebalancing Treatment
  • Oxygenating Treatment for hair
  • Dry  Dandruff  Rebalancing Treatment
  • Fortifying Treatment
  • Regenerative Treatment for hair: against seborrhea, dandruff and hair growth

Take advantage of the unique opportunity to make yourself happy with highly effective care from Biologique Recherche, which are held only in the best salons and beauty centers around the world.

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