Biologique Recherche brand, founded more than 40 years ago by doctors Ivan and Jozet Aluch, include approximately 150 products, applied in professional treatments and for home care.

In eight cabinets of the center of cosmetology dozens of highly effective treatments on unique preparations are performed daily. Biologique Recherche method has a stellar reputation. Based on a clinical approach and using pure, highly concentrated ingredients in combination with original methods of treatment, this method achieves incredibly effective results.

It is very important how often you use the services of a cosmetologist, but even more important is what you do for yourself every day, how you take care of your skin and figure. Duration of the results of cosmetic care depends on many factors, however the means you use for home care of your skin plays the main role. Cosmetic products Biologique Recherche support the results of treatment and multiply their effectiveness.

All Biologique Recherche products meet the following criteria:

  • high concentration of extracts of herbal, oil and biological origin (in most products – more than 20%, and in some products – up to 80%);
  • no artificial flavoring agents for the purpose of saving integrity and effectiveness of product formulas and avoid allergic reactions;
  • maximum preservation of the original structure of active elements and use of technology for the production of most formulas in the cold;
  • selection of pure and high quality ingredients, meeting the high standards of the brand;
  • combination of products with unique massage techniques, as well as with the effect of Remodeling Face® device for achievement of immediate fabulous results.

Biologique Recherche is a product range for face, body and hair.

Products for facial skin care

Cleansing care totally remove the residue of makeup and impurity. These products are intended for daily use, in the morning and in the evening, as the first stage of facial skin care. Begin removing make-up from the eye area, always with a clean cotton pad.

Cleansing and stabilizing masks contain high concentration of active substances for rebalancing and cleansing of epidermis and fix the effect of previous products. Oil acids contained in masks restore hydrolipidic mantle of the skin.

Basic serums consist of exclusively active substances: aminoacids or short peptides and almost no preservatives. Serums are created for the solution of such specific skin problems as dehydration, lost tonus, seborrhea, or wrinkles. Serums can be used either individually or mixed together in a cocktail.

Purposeful action serums are designed for the achievement of immediate result and long-lasting effect. Unique composition of these products contain active phyto biocomplexes and other products of biotechnologies, effect of which is aimed at the most rapid elimination of the causes of skin dysfunction, meet the needs of sensitive and reactive skin and skin with a deficiency of lipids, or to protect against climatic stresses – dryness or extreme cold.

Biologique Recherche creams applied on the skin of face, neck and decollete saturate it with herbal, marine and biological elements, gently moisturize the skin, leaving no fatty film on its surface. Due to its balanced formula, creams are easy to apply and very economical.

Sun-protection line is based on a new effective technique that aims to maintain the epidermis throughout the entire solar cycle and was released for production after four years of research and development. The solar line contains complex formulas for care, enriched with active substances, which are designed to sooth and restore the skin after exposure to solar radiation, and at the same time slowing the appearance of signs of aging.

Finalizing serums are refined products, valuable formulas of which give immediate and long-lasting results as well. Serums can be applied before or after the cream application intended to add shine to the skin. They contain herbal extracts, vitamins, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, as well as DNA extracts, having high moisturizing and oxygen-conducting properties. It is perfect for the use before applying makeup.

Body products clean and free the epidermis from toxins by restoring its natural functions of regeneration, tone it up, add lightness, improve body shape. Body products are developed as carefully and are selected as individually as products for facial skin care.      

Продукты для волос и кожи головы – это специально разработанная гамма средств для восстановления кислотно-щелочного баланса (pH), улучшения питание волосяных луковиц, улучшения роста волос.  Специальные шампуни и средства по уходу за волосами от  Biologique Recherche  делают волосы крепкими, здоровыми.

Наши эксперты красоты, врачи косметологи проведут диагностику на аппарате Skin Instant® Lab  и подберут самое лучше для сохранения Вашей молодости и красоты.

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