A wide range of injectable methods including the following directions are represented in our Center:

  • facial remodeling;
  • bio-revitalization;
  • wrinkles correction with Botox medication;
  • traditional mesotherapy;
  • unique method of face care by Biologique Recherche with the use of Micro Puncture Lab device.

A wide range of medications and experienced hands of our beauty experts manage the most difficult issues regarding facial remodeling.

Medications based on hyaluronic acid eliminate any kind of wrinkles, form facial contours in the cheekbones and cheeks, improve the face oval, give a good result when treating the forehead area, nose bridge and outer edges of the eyes, as well as nasolabial folds, increase the volume of the lips, remove orbital wrinkles, fill hollow hypodermal areas, therewith smoothing the surface of the skin and increasing the volume, increase the tone and elasticity of the skin.

Surgiderm, Juvеderm Ultra, ART Filler, Yall PRO, Hyallrepea, Jal system, Restyline 

The unique method of facial care by Biologique Recherche with the use of Micro Puncture Lab device has a special place in injectable methods.

Micro Puncture Lab method is almost painless, and the use of highly effective serums make the treatment impactful and add a long-term effect. During the treatments sterile single-use needles are used. As opposed to classic mesotherapy, Micro-Puncture Lab device provides more precise and better controlled work as the diameter of the header with needles is 1 sm. Micro-Puncture Lab method is practiced only by certified and specially trained cosmetologists!   

This method is prescribed:

  • for tired and dull skin with the signs of premature aging, wrinkles; when reduced tone of the skin of face, neck and decollete;
  • for correction of the contours of face and eyelids;
  • in case of solar hyperpigmentation, scar dyschromia after laser application;
  • when preparing for facial plastic surgery, thermal or laser exposure, IPL;
  • for acceleration the process of skin regeneration during the postoperative period;
  • for correction of scarring, manifestations of post-acne;

in case of hyperkeratosis and seborrhea.

In light of this, the regeneration of epidermal cells is activated, the protective function of the epidermis increases due to the action of free radicals, the epidermis is deeply hydrated, the collagen and elastin generation is stimulated, the tone and turgor of the skin are increased, the wrinkles are reduced, and the structure of the skin and complexion improves.

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