Only after the diagnostics from the wide range of cosmetological treatment, complexes, hardware techniques and means of home care you can make the right choice of the individual program of treatments in the beauty center.

By means of special Scin Scanner manipulators it’s possible to determine the level of hydration, elasticity, hydrolipid balance and pigmentation of your skin, in view of individual characteristics of which its basic needs at the moment are found out.

Based on the results obtained, our beauty experts trained in France select a set of hardware cosmetology treatments and care for you and give recommendations on the purchase of the means for home care.

Visiting the beauty center gives a quick and perceptible effect of your appearance perfection, but it is very important what you do every day to maintain the beauty and health of your skin. Proper home care multiplies the effectiveness of salon treatments and treatments and provides stable, prolonged result, helping to maintain your freshness, youth and beauty.


Determination of basic needs of your skin, selection of the complex of proper salon treatment and treatments, consultation on purchasing cosmetic means for home care.

Diagnosable zones: face, neck, decollete, body.

Used equipment: Skin Instant Lap device is the original development of Biologique Recherche Company.

Consultation and diagnostics before the treatments is your right choice!

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