Main divisions of the beauty center: Center of cosmetology, SPA-zone, Fitness club and Beauty salon – coherently participate in several interrelated directions of providing complementary services. Increased focus is on cosmetological services, for which eight cabinets are allocated. Their equipment meets the highest standards in the sphere of aesthetic cosmetology. World-known French cosmetology Company Biologique Recisherche is represented in our Center by the whole range of its products and treatments. The uniqueness of Ambassade De la Beaute is that only here you can get exclusive, highly effective and hardware complexes of El.Mira Beauty Line cosmetology services. These unique treatments based on the latest innovative technologies have the effect of rapid makeover, eliminate the signs of age and fatigue, are able to work like magic. They restore health and solve the various problems of face and body skin in a short span of time. Revolutionary oxygen treatments for face and body appeared in symbiosis of scientific achievements and cosmetological innovations. These methods were awarded four Nobel Prizes.

It’s worth noting the high professionalism of the masters of Ambassade de la Beaute. Continuous staff training, qualification courses, mastering of the latest methods and techniques in various fields are guarantees of high quality of service delivery.

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