Magic hand of the makeup designer is able to make your facial features extraordinary expressive and beautiful, to emphasize advantages of your appearance and disguise deficiencies, add freshness and youth or shiny glamorous look to your skin. And above all – our makeup design will give such a magical appeal to your semblance that every look will be attracted by you.

Our center, Ambassade de la Beaute, employs high-level professionals, real artists with good taste and a solid hand who regularly attend trainings on the latest techniques and are able to create any image, to realize any of your wishes.

Professional makeup, eyelash extensions, eyebrow correction – all you need to emphasize flawlessly completed individuality of your image!

Our masters perform a variety of makeup designs with the same proficiency and inexhaustible inspiration:

  • daytime, freshening and naturalizing, hiding cosmetic defects;
  • business, giving a sense of purpose and creating the image of a true business-lady;
  • evening, bright, deep, that will take the people off their feet and add extraordinary richness to your image;
  • mature makeup, after which your skin looks young, fresh and soigne;
  • bridal, individually emphatic, which will beautify the best day of your life;
  • podium, executed all of one piece of the main concept created by the image stylist;
  • creative, extravagant, bright, flashy which will be ideal for themed nights and extraordinary events;
  • kids, as simple and natural as possible, will give your child a sense of pleasant individuality and create a good mood.

Microblading is an absolute breakthrough in the field of beauty. Providing clearer, the treatment is called a manual eyebrow tattoo. The technique depends entirely on the skills, and the result – on the accuracy and previous experience of the master. No machines and devices for discovering beauty – the best effect can be achieved only due to the proficiency of diligent hands of the expert.

Hair strokes method add to your eyebrows naturalness. In the process of micropigmentation, depicted hairs of the eyebrows are arranged in a natural direction and emphasize individuality of your image.

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